EP “Glorious Dystopia” Out on Muti Music, November 1st, 2011

On October 19, 2011 by GreatScott

I’m excited to announce my new EP coming out on Muti Music November 1st, 2011. It’s called “Glorious Dystopia” and features some wicked friends of mine on vocals: Dual Core and Royal Sapien. I have a fascination with dystopian science fiction stories, movies and games, which has served as an inspiration for this release. For example, the track “These are Your Brother and Sisters” is inspired by one of my favorite lines from the 1920s sci-fi flick “Metropolis.” “Baker Beach” (not previewed here) is inspired by “Book of Eli.” For the rest of the tunes, I’ll let you fill in the gaps with your own imagination. I hope you find this release in general to be more than just music designed for dancing (ambient tracks-aside), but something that gets your brain and soul reeling with emotion and introspection.


I am at loss for words on this one. Every
track from the shimmering ambinet
"dystopia movement 2" to the lazor bass in
"mad hydraulic bounce" is supremely well
crafted, picking a favourite's never been this
– Praketh Sunder

It's Stylish – Aurelio Cianciotta (aka Jaurelio) [wickedstyle.neural.it]

Fantastic Tracks! Thank you. – Akira Kiteshi

Wicked - Really like the vibe on this – K-Tee Shogun [shogunaudio.co.uk]

Beautiful Release - thank you – Muz [deliciousmusic.co.nz]

I really like the instrumental version of My Sashimi. Very nice indeed – Meat Katie [lot49.co.uk]

Really good. – Mat the Alien [matthealien.ca]

Loving the Deepness – Fletcher [African Dope]

Bjork-esque with twangs of Bent mixed with Aphex Twin, I flippin love it – Humf [BFBS Radio]

Great production on the edge of being pop and still underground! Great Pack! – Fine Cut Bodies [CHi/MR2/Tilos/Faculty]

Some of the good stuff... – DUB V [KSVY 91.3]

MASSIVE. FRESH and COPPED! DEFINITE Support up here in Toronto. THANK YOU! – Jon [40hz Productions]

I am not totally convinced by the vocals, but the instrumental tracks are wicked. Nice one. – Ad Noiseam

Very intriguing album. Lots of layers and beautiful harmonies. – DJ Earthninja [chly.ca]

Phat basslines and breaks. Nice mix of textures and club friendly tunes. Much respect... – Charles Levan

Nice release. Some choice songs on here. – Brian Seed [Everytone Music]

This is a 'sit down, turn the lights off and listen from beginning to end' collection of tracks. Blissed out and thoroughly engaging. – Breakonomics

Great to see Scott put something new out. Dystopia is gorgeous! – Afromonk [afromonk.com]

Very cool :) – Nick Edell [interchill.com]

Rad! – Bass Obese [bassobese.dj]

A great release! – notepoise [notenoise.over-blog.com]

All solid tunes... liking this... – Pete [bluntedfunk.com]

Dystopia is lovely, more like this please! It's very close to getting a spin on my radio show. I'd love to hear more of this. – eddy TM [xfm / DJ mag]

great stuff, great scott! – Shaun Galaugher [glitchhopforum.com]

I have been a huge fan of great scotts since I started listening to glitch music- bollygraph test was and still is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to hearing his latest release! As always, Muti secures the big talent (: – Star [http://beglitched.com]

Wow... Great Scott has shown tremendous growth between this and 2009's The Great Conspiracy. This is some rich sh*t. – Alan Ranta [Exclaim! / PopMatters / Tiny Mix Tapes]

Absolutely Beautiful – Becca Dikini [Omelette Records]

very cool ! full support ( ive run out of superlatives for this label - lol ) – ed2000 [dangerous-drums.de]

Ace – General Midi

<3 – Kate Zaliznock [theGypsyDiaries.tumblr.com]

Very solid. I really enjoyed the "Revolve" EP, and this release is a step up. Very well crafted and covers a wide range of territory. Excellent. – DJ ME`TE` [main-fm.org]

Melodic and introspective around the edges, nice and funky in the middle. Hot release. Most likely to support looking good instro on the dancefloor. – Freedom Danish of the Root Sellers [Pop and Lock Records]

absolutely love Great Scott's music and this is no exception. full support this is a blinding EP will be playing in my sets. thank you. – Youthful Implants [Future Perfect]

Damn, Scott is putting it down on this one! – Undecided [undecidedonline.com]

Pushin the boundaries I like it... :) – Nanda [myspace.com/soundofnanda]

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