Free Bootleg Released: Great Scott vs Transmissions

On October 31, 2011 by GreatScott
In celebration of my “Glorious Dystopia” EP release on Muti Music, I’ve decided release a free mashup using one of the EP’s tunes – “Mad Hydraulic Funk”. Much thanks to my good pal Psymbionic for giving me the idea to work with “My World” by Transmissions (which is from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution video-game commercial)! The cover art is hacked from the super awesome viral marketing campaign website for the game: I hope you all enjoy this, and if you do, I’d insanely appreciate it if you became a fan of my facebook and soundcloud pages! Feel free to spread the song-download widget below as far and as wide as possible. Happy listening!

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution Commercial

Full Version of Transmissions – My World

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